Jo Kirkpatrick - Health & Wellbeing Practitioner, Facilitator and Coach

Introducing Joanna Kirkpatrick

Health & Wellbeing Practitioner, Facilitator and Coach

Joanna has 20 years’ experience working in the health, wellness and fitness industry, helping individuals find optimum growth and empowerment by developing strategies that enable them to experience balanced holistic health and wellbeing within the high demands of life.

Joanna’s experience and qualifications covers the breadth of wellbeing including sports science, executive coaching, positive psychology, teaching, mindfulness, meditation, pilates, yoga, group exercise, nutrition and philosophy.

Utilising these tools and concepts, Joanna can work with organisations or individuals and tailor to the group or individual to ensure success in achieving the goals identified.

Joanna’s core strength throughout lies in her authentic approach and lived experience of health and wellbeing. Her kind, empathetic and fun nature together with the breadth of knowledge in this area ensures an enjoyable experience and strong results. Joanna has demonstrated experience with broad groups of people including: professional footballers, challenged teens, burnt out executives and tired mums.

Wellbeing Programs

Designed for groups or individuals, Joanna can customise a wellbeing program to suit your needs.

Group Exercise, Yoga, Pilates & Meditation

Joanna will tailor classes to meet your needs for your group or small team environment.

Leadership Presentations

Focusing on thought leadership, Joanna can present on many subjects including lifestyle, physiology & stress reduction.

Nutrition & Mindfullness

Coaching in groups or one on one across a variety of areas including nutrition, wellbeing & mindfulness.

Supporting Organisations & Individuals

JK Wellbeing supports organisations and individuals who want to find optimum growth and empowerment by developing strategies that enable them to experience balanced holistic health and wellbeing within the high demands of life.

For Organisations

For organisations we focus on designing programs addressing the organisations wellbeing needs. These can include;

    • Wellbeing program development for teams
    • Wellbeing program delivery
    • Group workshops
    • Group exercise
    • Yoga and pilates classes
    • Meditation
    • Mindfulness
    • 1 on 1 coaching and
    • Thought leadership presentations including topics such as Positive Psychology, Meditation, Nutrition, Balanced Lifestyle, Exercise Physiology and Stress Reduction


Outcomes for your organisation can include:

    • Increased employee engagement
    • Increased productivity
    • Increased motivation towards goals and targets
    • Decreased stress and feelings of being overwhelmed
    • Authentic behaviour and
    • Elevated company culture

For Individuals

Individual engagements are tailored to the specific needs of the client. A tailor program is designed to support the desired outcomes of the client. This may include;

  • Personalised wellbeing plan
  • Meditation techniques
  • Yoga and pilates
  • Exercise and nutrition program
  • Trauma and grief support and
  • 1:1 coaching and ongoing support

Outcomes for individuals can include:

  • A practical toolkit to combat feelings of being overwhelmed, despair, out of control and a lost sense of self
  • Clarity of mind, peaceful, gaining insight, perspective, freedom, hope for the future, a renewed sense of self, energy, strength and joy.
  • Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing

Ally McManus

Jo is an incredibly supportive leader and mentor in both retreat and wellness settings. She is an experienced facilitator in empowering women to step into their authenticity and connect to a deep sense of self. She is a supportive mentor and coach and someone I respect both personally and professionally. I couldn’t recommend her services more in the field of health and wellbeing.

Ally McManus
Editor, Wellbeing Magazine

Karen Platt

Jo came into my life at just the right time. I was the most vulnerable and weak I had ever been – after losing a twin pregnancy after 3 years and 16 rounds of IVF.

I knew I needed to break down to build myself back up and attended a retreat to focus on getting active and eating well when Jo suggested I needed to give myself a mental break as well.

I was expecting someone to tell me to lose weight, drink less, move and sleep more, but instead Jo said I needed to be kind to myself. It was in this conversation I gave myself that permission. Over 5 days Jo helped me to experience my pain and to let go of my experience so I could again become optimistic about the potential of becoming a mother.

In the end it was a balance of physical health and mental wellbeing that saw that dream come true only months after.  I am forever thankful for Jo’s insight, but also her caring nature – when I really needed it.

Karen Platt
Managing Director, One P Design

Leain Oliver

I have had the pleasure of working with Jo who is an inspirational woman. She engages with women on an exceptionally intuitive level, encouraging the best in all of us to shine through. Those who have the pleasure to work with Jo will feel empowered to achieve their dreams.

Leain Oliver
Transformative Coach

Cathy De Mestre

Jo is a very special lady who has been an inspirational mentor to me. She is wise, kind, generous in all respects and always authentic. In her role as mentor, Jo stresses the importance of gratitude, and her seminar on this topic has enhanced the way I live my life and treat the people around me. I have greatly benefited from her insights and her practical, sensible suggestions. I feel blessed to have met Jo.

Cathy De Mestre


Thanks for getting me started… It was your calm approach that encouraged me… Thanks again.



Thank you for your words of wisdom. They came at the right time for me on my journey. You are wise beyond your years and your strength and courage remind me of a lion, but a really pretty one!!!



I’d like to thank you for your beautiful energy and expertise, I really loved all the classes you took… Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and stretch.


Kay Atkins

I say goodbye to Jo with spring in my step. I am now armed with the tools I need to take charge of my life. My fitness is on track to tackle hiking in Myanmar , my fear of getting out of my comfort zone is gone and I am full of courage to take on whatever happens next. Jo has a multitude of life skills. She motivates, she educates, she nurtures and most of all she cares- cares about our wellness- physical and emotional. Jo is real- with Jo it comes from the heart.

Kay Atkins


Jo has supported me in a personal transformation following a long period of juggling health issues & a demanding career – both have taken their toll emotionally and physically.

With the consultation and appropriate environment to commence exercise, diet & meditation routines to aid my personal wellbeing, it was Jo’s encouraging, caring & consultative approach that made the difference.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jo to anyone on a pursuit to improve mind & body or find that elusive balance between personal & professional lives.


Zenon Els

Jo’s enthusiasm is infectious and she genuinely cares for the progress of all participants in her programs. If you want to invigorate, enthuse and motivate your staff, your time with Jo is a lasting investment for a healthy, happy and productive team.

Zenon Els
General Manager, Artist Network Australia


Your amazing karma, your calm, your inner peace and contentment was palpable and so very inspiring.

From your incredible sessions on meditation, belly breathing, your fabulous nurturing yoga class; you have a beautiful gift of healing, creating and inspiring positivity, excitement about the future and encouraging us to be kind to ourselves and grateful for what there is.

Thank you for unlocking some pretty important feelings and emotions that really needed to come out and did during the yoga session.


Alison Harrington

Jo came to our family like an angel in an extremely difficult time. My daughter was recovering from an eating disorder and suffering from depression. Jo assisted my daughter with a unique mix of care, compassion and positive energy. She had unique insight in being able to “get” my daughter and what she needed at this time. She worked with her to develop healthy exercise, self-care, nutrition regimes and also practical strategies to improve her headspace. She also helped my daughter deal with a difficult relationship with her dad as a result of her illness. My daughter is now in a great headspace and has recovered from those difficult years and found Jo’s assistance highly valuable. I would fully recommend Jo as a coach to teenagers.


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